Automated Testing Framework

Who is the Client?

The Client is the official European distribution channel of a large European country’s railways for sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout the country as well as the rest of Europe. The Client uses Euronet, a comprehensive travel management software with modules on booking management, itinerary and package building, online train reservation, car and hotel reservation, online credit card payment, ticketing, and more. The application is available in the desktop version for subscribers, a website version for the public, co-brands and agents, and a web services API for partners.

Solution for European railway service giant

What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core has developed the automated testing framework for Euronet web services using SOAP UI.

Phase 1: The project was managed with test step and tear down level groovy script. The most challenging part was to validate business rules for various inventories like ATOC, NTV, DB, TI-Direct, RENFE, and ResaRail using script assertions. A customized HTML and Excel report is generated at the end of execution and xml request and responses are saved for failed scenarios.

Automated testing framework development

What services did Data-Core provide? (cont.)

Phase 2: Data-Core completed a second version of the project with Junit framework and Maven integration using Eclipse editor. Properties are created to fetch different environments and SoapUI xmls during runtime. The entire Java project, including SoapUI, xmls into GIT and configured the Jenkins builds and added scheduler to run the project. While the test is run, all test cases are executed automatically. After the execution a test report is created and the results are sent to specified email IDs.

Junit framework and Maven integration using Eclipse editor

Data-Core is maintaining the test assets of the project in SQUASH TM tool. It has enabled the Client to get real time details of all testing activities. Data-Core is also providing the back- compliance, migration and roll-back testing during each release, which allowed for a smooth transition to production for each release.

Real time details of all testing activities

In Summary...

All products and services were delivered on time and met all the requirements the client requested. Data-Core is continuing with the Enhancements and Change Request Implementation for the Euronet desktop application, Euronet web services, DET and Back office reports.

On-time Delivery